Join Katy-K for this month's 'Everything Modern Oracle' Development Group

Join Katy-K for 4 Live Sessions during February 2022 on EVERYTHING MODERN ORACLE. Note - these sessions will be recorded but no playback videos will be available.

What people are saying about this course

“"I really enjoyed this course. Katy k made the course a lot of fun with something new each week. Each meditation weekly was wonderful. Highly recommend this course" ”

“"What I liked about the Everything Modern Oracle course was the comradery of like-minded people. Q and A were very informative so many questions were answered. A safe environment to practice your skill level and I felt very welcome and at ease with all the attendees."”

“"I've enjoyed each of the previous rounds and have learned so much. Looking forward to February's classes!"”

'Everything Modern Oracle' Development Group

February 2022 Sessions

  • Everything Modern Oracle

    Study selected cards from the Modern Oracle deck in more detail

  • Tips & Secrets

    Learn tips and tricks directly from the creator of the deck!

  • Ask Katy-K

    Ask about a particular card or seek advice on your readings

  • Guided Meditations

    Be guided through meditations each week by Katy-K.

  • Group Exercises

    Participate in a variety of different exercises each week with other students to develop your psychic ability.

Course curriculum

    1. [VIDEO] How to use this course

    2. How to Access Zoom

    1. Session Dates & Times

    2. DOWNLOAD - Document containing all session Zoom Links

    3. Things to Note, Topics & Items you will need

    4. 1-Card Reading Exercise Note Page

    5. 3-Card Reading Exercise Note Page

    6. Katy-K's Daily Card of Guidance Note Page

    1. Thank you & Stay in touch with us!

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