Spiritual Toolbelt Meditation

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    Katy-K’s meditations are purposely created to not only assist you to focus but also to take you on a journey to reaching a higher level of awareness and achieving a spiritual connection.

  • What is the Spiritual Toolbelt about?

    Develop confidence in your psychic abilities and spiritual gifts & attune new spiritual gifts. It may assist with reconciling your belief in your own existing power.

  • When can I use this meditation?

    Visualize ‘putting on your spiritual tool belt’ before you connect spiritually so as to be setting the intention to access all your spiritual gifts readily before conducting psychic readings, mediumship connections, healings or working with your metaphysical tools. You could also do this meditation each time you develop a new skill and add it to your tool belt.


Julie Vaughan

5 star rating

“Fabulous course thanks Katy. Really enjoyed it.”

“Fabulous course thanks Katy. Really enjoyed it.”

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Spiritual Toolbelt Meditation

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