The Modern Oracle & The Celtic Cross

Traditionally the Celtic cross spread is used by the Tarot.

Katy-K tried this spread with many different oracle decks and it just didn’t work...that is until the ‘Modern Oracle’ deck.  

Katy- K brings a new slant to one of the original spreads that is as old as the ‘tarot’ but with her own slant.  

You will learn how to use the Celtic Cross spread and you will learn more.  Come and give it a go.   

With many video examples to watch as well as PDF’s you are sure to enjoy this mini course.   

Grab it now at the unbelievably low price of only $49.  

What are you waiting for?  

The Modern Oracle & the Celtic Cross

  • Celtic Cross Explained

    Katy offers brief explanation of the Celtic Cross and the meanings of the card positions

  • Master the Celtic Cross

    With guidance from Katy-K, Master the Celtic Cross spread and how to put it all together to tell your story

  • Examples

    11 examples of the Celtic Cross spread to aid you in your learning

Course curriculum

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    1. About the Celtic Cross Spread

    2. [Video] Introduction

    3. [Video] How to Ask your Question the 'Right' Way - Get the most from your Question!

    4. [Video] Celtic Cross Explained

    5. [PDF] Diagram of the Celtic Cross spread

    6. [PDF] Celtic Cross - Position Meanings

    7. [Video] Mastering the Celtic Cross

    8. [PDF] Mastering the Celtic Cross

    9. [Video Playlist] Examples of the Celtic Cross

    1. Extra Content - FREE Troubleshooting Guide for Card Readings

    2. We LOVE your Feedback!

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