Join Katy-K for this month's 'Everything Modern Oracle' Development Group

Join Katy-K for 4 Live Sessions during November 2021 on EVERYTHING MODERN ORACLE. Note - these sessions will be recorded but no playback videos will be available.

'Everything Modern Oracle' Development Group

November 2021 Sessions

  • Everything Modern Oracle

    Study selected cards from the Modern Oracle deck in more detail

  • Tips & Secrets

    Learn tips and tricks directly from the creator of the deck!

  • Ask Katy-K

    Ask about a particular card or seek advice on your readings

  • Guided Meditations

    Be guided through meditations each week by Katy-K.

  • Group Exercises

    Participate in a variety of different exercises each week with other students to develop your psychic ability.

Course curriculum

    1. [VIDEO] How to use this course

    2. How to Access Zoom

    1. Session Dates & Times

    2. Things to Note, Topics & Items you will need

    3. 1-Card Reading Exercise Note Page

    4. 3-Card Reading Exercise Note Page

    5. Katy-K's Daily Card of Guidance Note Page

    6. November 2021 Session - Zoom Christmas Party

    1. Thank you & Stay in touch with us!

    2. More resources for you

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