Grow your Spiritual Gift at your own pace!

Psychic Development 101 is an online self-guided course to assist you to progress from "I think" or "I know I have a gift" to connecting to others and reading photos. Each lesson has been devised to teach you in a way that simplifies the learning process. Straight to the point with no padded waffle.
Grow your Spiritual Gift at your own pace!

Grow your Spiritual Gift

Develop your skill with Psychic Development 101

  • Develop your Psychic ability

    Through a series of exercises and meditations, learn how to develop your psychic skill and train your mind.

  • Understand the Basics of Psychic Development

    Learn the basics of Psychic Development, Psychic Rules, The Stages of Opening. Learn how to protect your energy, how to clear your energy and how to ground yourself.

  • Unlock the Secrets of Psychic Development

    Plus, Advanced Connection Techniques with Katy-K. Learn how to connect to another psyhically and read from a photograph.


  • Brie Barney

    “Lots of helpful videos, PDFs and worksheets plus a great meditation”

    “Lots of helpful videos, PDFs and worksheets plus a great meditation”

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Course curriculum

  • 02
    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to use this course [Video]
    • We LOVE your Feedback!
    • Items you will need ...
    • [Video] Why we need to develop Psychic Abilities
    • Psychic Development 101 - Journal Page
  • 03
    Lesson 1
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    • Stages of Opening and Downsides
    • [Video] Three Stages of Opening
    • Psychic Rules and Courtesy
    • [Video] Psychic Rules
    • Keeping a Psychic Journal
    • [Video] Psychic Journaling
    • [Video] Challenge - A week of journalling
    • Rainbow Connection Meditation
  • 04
    Lesson 2
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    • Clearing Energy Exercise
    • [Video] Clearing Energy Exercise with Katy-K
    • Psychic Protection Exercise
    • [Video] Psychic Protection with Katy-K
    • [Video] Grounding
    • Trust and Self-Belief Exercise
    • [Video] Trust with Katy-K
    • Daily Spiritual Habits List
    • [Video] Daily Spiritual Habits
    • Mystery Crystal Exercise
    • [Video] Mystery Crystal Exercise
  • 05
    Lesson 3
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    • [Video] Vision, Fear or Ego
    • Personal Empowerment Symbol
    • [Video] Personal Empowerment Symbol
    • Rainbow Connection Meditation
    • [Video] Mid Course Review
  • 06
    Lesson 4
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    • [Video] Opening up your Abilities Psychically
    • [Video] Learning to Receive
    • [Video] Mystery Crystal Exercise - Explanation
    • Mystery Crystal Exercise
    • [Video] Mystery Crystal Exercise
  • 07
    Lesson 5
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    • [Video] Connecting to Another Psychically
    • [Video] Reading from a Photograph
    • Communication Questions
    • [Video] Communication Questions
    • [Video] Rainbow Meditation Challenge
    • Rainbow Connection Meditation
  • 08
    Next steps
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    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

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